Where do I find... ? A list of random things you may be looking for

Everything is available in Abidjan. You may have to pay for it, but it's here. I think that's a good thing because it puts the ball squarely in the prospective consumer's court.  As I see things I never thought I'd see in Abidjan, I'll let you guys know where I saw it and at what price (if I remember). This may take some time, and will be incomplete in the beginning, but if you bear with me, I am sure it will continue to improve.

1. Is Fedex Here? How about DHL
Fedex and DHL are located within the same shopping complex on rue des Jardins.  If you're on rue des Jardins going towards Cash Center or the Oil Libya gas station, with Pako on your right, you'll see a small shopping center. It's the turn right after the Pako.

2. Where do I find Tide detergent?  How about Febreeze?
For the Americans that don't have access to the Dip Pouch, you can make your way to RDV (roi des Draps et Vaisselles).  They sell Tide in their Baby King Store. 
3. I am looking for hairdressers specialized in natural, i.e. non processed hair.
Most Ivorian women relax their hair, so manipulating natural afro-type hair is a bit of a lost art. Feymie's is a nice place located in II plateaux behind the rue des Jardins. If you're coming from Pako, drive towards the DHL, and make a right at the intersection where the SIB bank is located. then make your first right. It's right in front of the Islamic education center.

P.S. Please add your comments/ i.e. questions in the comment section so that this list can tell you where to buy what you're actually looking for. 
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