A hippie weekend retreat in Quinhamel

A couple weekends ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to a good friend's weekend retreat cabin a half hour outside of Bissau. We drove out to Quinhamel and tucked behind a little village was this cute little house. I am not an outdoors person, (and wore long sleeves to keep the bugs at bay) but I still had a nice time, enjoyed the music, children running around and incredible food.

That said, the rustic nature of the house and its surroundings made me glad to head back to Bissau!

Fish was lunch

We also had some incredible seafood rice

The little ones who live here part time are having the most amazing childhood in Bissau

The little house my friend and her family share on weekends

Our meal

A friend of mine took this. Thanks Raoni

I met this little munchkin who was oh so pleased to have his picture taken.