My Internet Woes

There is a strange feel to Guinea Bissau.  Once you get here, expecting fire and brimstone, caves, and pre There is an expression that says "pour vivre heureux, vivons cachés", which translates roughly to let's live out of public view in order to be happy. Sometimes I feel like that mut be Guinea Bissau's national motto. There is a joie de vivre here that is incredible. I love the vibe, the energy and most of all, the food. Very few people ever mentioned how friendly and fun this place would be. They just kept talking about everything it didn't have, from water, to power, to shampoo, to roads.

Now that I am here, I realize that I don't miss those things that much. What is really killing me is the internet connectivity, or lack of reliable, high speed internet. Whether via landline, ethernet, or whatever else we've tried, internet is reliably slow. And that's when it works at all. In the beginning, when the MTN people connected my phone to the internet, I saw an EDGE sign appear and chalked it up to being in the building. We left the store and a say letter I was still on EDGE. That's when it hit me, there is no 3G in Guinea Bissau.

My MTN Internet connection at home hasn't been much better. It claims to be 512 something or other (I am not a techie) and I manage to get an internet connection at home, but it is slow and pretty unreliable. My router doesn't work, which means I have no wifi. Slowly, but surely, I am adjusting to my new, frustrating, reality.
Joanna BusbyComment