No longer homeless..

Thanks to an incredible friend, Neima, I have a place to live in Bissau. Remember, Bissau has no formal real estate market, which means word of mouth is the only way you even find out what's for rent -- and most of the time, you're bound to miss something. Just as desperation was beginning to set in, we found a place. It's fully furnished and includes all kitchen utensils, sheets, even towels. Needless to say, I am in heaven, in my cute little home.

A queen sized bed! For some crazy reason, every place we saw had fulls and twins.

We have a little dining nook

A fully equipped kitchen

I finally have a toilet seat! So excited!!!!

A separate shower is such a luxury in Bissau!

To the untrained eye, I have found the perfect little place to live. The more observant among you will notice a lack of pictures of my little haven from the outside. That's because there is no such thing as the PERFECT place in Bissau. It doesn't exist. So my place, while perfect inside, is less than perfect outside. I have no paved access road to my place, so when the rainy season starts, I'll be trudging through the mud. My mom was right, I should have made more of an effort to get new wellies before coming. Arghhhh. Moms are always right!

Below, I leave you with a picture of Live bacon walking down the road that leads to our building. Just seeing them in the morning makes me hungry... 

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