First days in Bissau

Bissau is an interesting place. First off, it's tiny and everything about it is pocket sized. The roads, whether paved, or not, are more likely to be single lane and buildings are never more than a couple of stories high. The whole place is beautifully decaying, with signs of new construction poking its head above the surface here and there. What the place goes big on is charm. The second you step off the tiny prop plane you narrowly avoided meeting your maker on, you're wrapped in it, and it's so overwhelming you can't help but think that's some kind of diversion tactic designed to keep you distracted while someone else robs you.  Then you realize that's just how the place is, and that the folks really are that nice.

In the first few days I....

  • have realized just how dangerous it is to live in a place with a dearth of street lighting when I fell in a mud filled hole.
  • have fallen in love with some of the freshest seafood I have ever tasted.
  • have developed an appreciation for the raw beauty of the decaying buildings.
  • have come to realize that people aren't trying to steal me, they're really just that nice. :-)
  • have realized that most people don't have reliable access to water or electricity, while some have huge houses complete with modern amenities. 
  • have realized just how hard it is going to be find a house that has water, electricity, and generator

Here are the first few night pictures I've taken so far.

Joanna BusbyComment