I ventured out of Bissau...

Despite all of the challenges and the naysayers, I have settled into life in Guinea Bissau nicely. To be honest, I’ve taken to life here in ways I really didn’t think were possible. If you’ve read my previous posts, I am both vocal and unrepentant in my fear of critters, and need for creature comforts. Bissau doesn’t have everything I need, but it has enough for me to stay sane and keep on keeping on.

Just when I thought I had it all down, I was asked to tag along on a work trip. I was extremely nervous, but packed up my camera and rode out to Gabu, Guinea Bissau’s second largest city. We headed out to a ceremony in Pitchi where I got to meet tons of kids and the women who basically run the place. Everyone was fun, warm and super welcoming, although I have to admit that it was very strange to be in the midst of people who looked like me, but spoke no resemblance of any language I spoke. In the end, I had fun with the kids, documented the handing over of agricultural equipment that was taking place and then rode back to Bissau.

I now realize that that happened almost three weeks ago. In fact, it all feels so far off, I've managed to go back to Gabu. This time around, I slept in the city and everything went well.