Assinie Lunches... and more love in Abidjan

A group of us braved the overcast skies and headed to Coucoué Lodge in Assinie for lunch last weekend...  With a grilled shrimp salad and lobster that were out of this world, the least I can say is that the food did not disappoint,

We also shared shredded calamari.

People ate on the waterfront, and it was a great meal.

Since it's rainy season, the beach was deserted, and the water was choppy.

My little friend took all the food shots (he's 5, and doesn't really like food)

Even the salads were amazing.  I must say that I am glad I've overcome my salad fear.

My little photographer friend does like shrimp, though... :-)

In case you were wondering why I mentioned love in what seems to be an obvious food post, your patience is about to be rewarded.

Over lunch, one of my lunch-mates, who seems to be somewhat unlucky in love was making blanket statements about what kind of men "girls like me" are willing to date.  I am not really sure why I was singled out. But, having refrained from venturing into the Abidjan dating cesspool with its expats, colleagues, married men, and young guys trying to get a visa to anywhere but here, I find his remarks ironic, to say the least. Then, it all clicked.  Not only do women in Côte d'Ivoire tend to rely on men for economic survival, many of them are vying for a small number of "eligible" Ivorian men.  I feel the competitiveness of the dating pool in Abidjan gives men with money a sense of entitlement so strong that a guy I barely know thinks he has the right to have me fawn all over him, and is upset when I don't.