Cost of Living update

You're probably wondering what this is...

Today, a friend of mine and fellow recent arrival to Abidjan Skyped me this message:

"I spent $72 on 24 cases of water, 5 packs of maxi pads, a 3-pack pair of socks a box of cereal and a box of cookies. R u KIDDING ME!!!!"

I couldn't believe it, and demanded proof, i.e. a scanned copy of the receipt.

I am still stunned -- the 20 dollar socks really got to me -- so I am sharing it with you all...

If there is a moral of the story, it's to come with your weight in sanitary napkins/tampons, or better yet, consider a switch to moon cup.

Also, it looks like my friend needs to get a filtered water service.

Joanna BusbyComment