Checking out the Arts Market

I managed to get out to the Arts market most commonly referred to as CAVA (le Centre Artisanal de la ville d'Abidjan) and saw some nice stuff.  It's located in Zone 3/ Zone 4 and is quite touristy.  In fact, it's so touristy, one vendor accepted dollars.

I found the vendors in the market to be excellent businessmen.  While I found some of their wares to be offensive, to not say repugnant, I do understand that some of these are sold to European tourists who have their fantasy vision of Africa and Africans. 

 It's still worth the detour, because beneath all of the junk, there were some nice masks and some pretty unique looking pieces that would make wonderful presents or decoration.  I also like supporting the local economy...My friend chose a mask from one of the ones below.  And I bought the mirror in the bottom picture.