Every little cent counts... ECO+ card

Things have been a bit busy at work, so I've been falling asleep at the switch and blogging less.

As things begin to settle down a bit more for me, I have come to realize certain things:

  • It looks like I have found a permanent house (more on that once I have something rock solid).
  • I am starting to feel like I live here.
  • taxis suck: they are hot, smelly, the seats can be wet, and you will arrive feeling flustered and like you could use a shower.  Basically, I really want a car
  • I am starting to get interesting tips on how to save money in Abidjan.

I was so happy about this money saving tip, I knew I had to share it with you guys. So here goes:

Meet the ECO+ card.  This little card, which I hope to purchase tomorrow, will give me discounts to a bunch of places I already go to.  The best deals I saw were:

20% off of hotel rooms at the Hotel Emlys (apparently it's a decent place in 2 Plateaux), 15% off all purchases at Foire de Chine ( a store in Treichville that sells everything, including furniture and appliances), 20% off of car parts at SKPA ( a garage in Zone 4), 10% off of the final bill at Mix nightclub, 15% off at Montana.

All in all, since the card only costs 5 000 francs, it looks worth it to me.  I eat at a bunch of the places listed: Montana, Norima, Saakan, and any discount I can get would be more than welcome...

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