Money truths in Abidjan

Since you guys were all over the money post, I thought I'd give the floor to different people.  I don't have kids,  I'm not your frugal friend, and I don't think I hold the universal truth to money in Abidjan.  In the end, the only money truth in Abidjan is that it's not cheap.  But how much you play in that game is entirely up to you. 
My first guest poster is American, under 30, and living in Abidjan child-free.  I know that this does not reflect everyone's reality, but since she lives on the Cocody side of the city, part of me wonders what her expenses are like.

She is working on her post right now, and will probably be ready to post by Sunday evening.  Be sure to check it out!

Joanna Busby1 Comment