Gridlock and commuting to work from Zone 4

Yesterday was my first morning commuting from Zone 4 to the office, and I have to I was not impressed.  The whole point of moving to Zone 4, and paying a price premium to live in Abidjan's red light district, was a smooth commute.  Yeah, well, that did not happen.  I left home at 7:30 and got stuck in snarled traffic leading to the Boulevard de Marseille.  It was so terrible, I spent 20 minutes waiting in line to turn onto the Boulevard.  Once we made it onto the main road, there was no traffic whatsoever.  This makes me think that when I look for my, hopefully permanent, next place, to look for a place that bypasses that intersection.  If I can manage to do that, I'd shave a solid 20 minutes off of my commute.

The ride home was a breeze.  I left work at 5pm and was home 15 minutes later!  During the entire ride, I could see people commuting in the opposite direction sitting in terribly backed up traffic.  So glad I live on this side!


Joanna BusbyComment