food in taipei

I am certain that I never would have seen this many places, or the incredibly wide selection of produce. We were also able to meet and talk to people who'd been honing their craft and producing one food specialty for generations. The food was invariable delicious, and even the stinky tofu went down better than I would have imagined. Finally, Quincy was a fabulous host, and was clearly proud of the wonderful fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and other food stuffs that were produced locally in Taiwan.

I went on a quick Taipei jaunt and was blown way by the food. Food in Taipei is fresh, local, plentiful, diverse, delicious and cheap. The markets were bustling with the impending Chinese New Year, families were gathering for annual celebrations, and I was thrilled to be in the middle of it all.

Most of these pictures were taken while I was doing the Taipei Eats Food Tour. While the tour was a bit expensive,