bissau port

We went to the port today and it was such sensory overload that I don't even know where to begin. I only got shots from less crowded areas, because pulling out a camera with a tele-lens seemed crazy in the middle of the huge crowd milling about.  That said, there is something really beautiful about the port. People were so busy, they mostly left us alone, which gave us a rare opportunity to watch people conducting business without being accosted by people.  

Guinea Bissau is apparently known for its cashew nuts, but I think it should be know for its fish. While not its largest export, it certainly is its most lucrative and it provides employment to large numbers of people.  Fish seems to be lifeblood of Guinea Bissau.  Fish is fresh, plentiful and cheap here. It’s cheaper than vegetables, cheaper than meat, cheaper than chicken. And given how unreliable the store bought food can be (I have already managed to buy rotten or expired items) probably the safest thing to eat too…

Just before leaving, we managed to venture over to where small fishing boats were preparing to go out to sea. The fishermen were fit and looked like a hardworking group of people. The thing my friend and I wondered how such small crowded boats could bring in so much fish. I also couldn't help but notice the battered life jackets they were wearing and wondering how tough it must be to brave the elements in those tiny little boats that barely look sea worthy.