hi, i'm jo.

The wandering really started when I left the US a couple months after graduation. Within the 5 years that followed, I moved to Paris, DC, Tunis and most recently, Abidjan. After a year in Abidjan and all of its adventures, I am now living in beautiful Guinea Bissau.

I'd be lying if I said I thought I'd ever live here. Hell, I'd be lying if I ever said I thought I'd be living in Africa, much less West Africa. You see, as a hardened city girl with a deep love for winter, shopping and urban living, I am still confused by my lack of online shopping options and the appearance of roaches in my life.

What I can't begin to appreciate enough, however, has been the new-found ability to meet people who let their guard down and and engage openly in ways we can't even imagine in the US.

I am Joanna. I move so much my family often wonders if I'll ever move home. This is my blog.